La Chassis 457 10"

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Product Description

If you are looking for a feature rich upgrade to your CZ 457, look no further than the LaChassis 457 Chassis System.

La Chassis 457 Features:

  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Purpose Built Magwell Cutout for Easier Magazine Changes
  • AR Grip Compatible Mounting Point (DOES NOT INCLUDE GRIP)
  • Enhanced Ergonomic Alignment between the Grip and Trigger
  • Modular 10" Forend 
  • Forend M-Lok and Arca-Swiss Compatible
  • Ambi QD Points on Forend & Stock
  • Folding Stock (Stock can be Locked in the Fixed Position)
  • Length of Pull and Cheek Weld Adjustment
Weight:  1040 grams (37oz)
Length Of Pull:  13" - 14.5"
Overall Length:  29.5 - 30.5"
Overall Length Folded: 20.5"
Material: 6061 T6 AL
Finish: Clear Hard Anodize     
Rail Length: 10"
Tools Required:
5/64 Allen Key
5/32 Allen Key

*LaChassis 457 can be permanently locked into a fixed (non folding) position.

**CZ457 Barreled Action Not Included.


PLEASE NOTE: Our chassis and receiver feature a clear hard anodized finish. These finishes are held to different aesthetic standards than parts finished in black anodizing or Cerakote. By buying this part, you understand that the color of this part may not exactly match what is visually shown on the website, and that the part may also differ in shade when matched with other parts of the same color/finish.


Other Details

Rail Length:


  • 5
    LA chassis 457

    Posted by Rick Nolen on 2023 Dec 4th

    I’ve also purchased a 10-22 LA Chassis, these items are beyond 5 strar ratings. I’m a machinist by trade and I know a quality product. The fit and finish of these items is spectacular!

  • 5
    Huge Upgrade for the CZ457

    Posted by Jaycob Kelsey on 2023 Jan 27th

    Between the anodizing, the very tight tolerances, the weight and balance of the system, the rigidity of the folding stock, and the fact that I can't find a SINGLE machining mark anywhere on the chassis, stock, or forearm- absolutely one of the best purchases I've made. Honestly, it should have been the first thing I bought for the CZ after a scope. I use this CZ457 chassis for hunting, backpacking, and NRL22 competition. If you're wanting a lightweight, durable stock or chassis for your rimfire rifle, this is one of the best on the market.

  • 5
    La Chassis 457

    Posted by Michael Garrison on 2022 Nov 7th

    I couldn’t be happier with the fit, finish and functionality. It completely changed my rifle in so many ways. I have one suggestion, there is only one trigger on the market to replace the OEM CZ trigger, it’s from Timney, I think it would be worth it for anyone who wants to completely build their Cz457 out, if the chassis was milled to accommodate the extra length of the safety plate on this trigger. I had to break out the dremel and do it myself. My hand milling worked but in no way did I appreciate how it made my chassis look. Luckily, once everything was put back together, it’s not noticeable. Only needed 1/16” on the trigger hole ground out with enough space for the safety to function and seat properly. Would have been a nice touch to already be factory finished and ready for the upgrade. I’m not taking anything away from the chassis design, aesthetics and functionality though! Stock locks up like a champ! I do think purchasing the bag rider along with it will be worth it as well. After several rounds down range I knew I needed to go back and pick that up. Can’t wait for it to arrive! Thanks Guys!

LaChassis 457 Chassis was designed and built to improve accuracy on an already excellent platform.  One unique feature is an integral rear lug that helps keep the action firmly in place.