La Chassis 10/22 10"

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Product Description

La Chassis DLX (Deluxe) Features:

  • Magwell Cutout for Easy Magazine Changes
  • AR Grip Compatible Mounting Point (DOES NOT INCLUDE GRIP)
  • Modular 10" Forend 
  • Forend M-Lok and Arca-Swiss Compatible
  • Ambi QD Points on Forend & Stock
  • Folding Stock (Stock can be Locked in the Fixed Position)
  • Length of Pull and Cheek Weld Adjustment
  • Rear Tension Point, Double Locking
Weight:  688 grams
Length Of Pull:  13" - 14.5"
Overall Length:  29.5 - 30.5"
Overall Length Folded: 20.5"
Material: 6061 T6 AL
Finish: Clear Hard Anodize     
Rail Length: 10"
Tools Required:
5/64 Allen Key
3/32 Allen Key
1/8 Allen Key
5/32 Allen Key

*LaChassis can be permanently locked into a fixed (non folding) position.

**Compatible with most 10/22® pattern receivers and trigger groups without modification.


PLEASE NOTE: Our chassis and receiver feature a clear hard anodized finish. These finishes are held to different aesthetic standards than parts finished in black anodizing or Cerakote. By buying this part, you understand that the color of this part may not exactly match what is visually shown on the website, and that the part may also differ in shade when matched with other parts of the same color/finish.


Other Details

Rail Length:


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    LA CHASSIS 10/22 DLX

    Posted by Fletcher on 2023 Dec 25th

    This chassis system is very light weight and modular. The set up is very proprietary and limits the forend and butt stock options. However it makes up for it with a positive, solid locking, folding butt stock integrated QD sockets, M-Lock slots, and Arca Swiss mounting options. All and all an excellent 10/22 chassis for a host barreled action.

  • 5
    La chassis

    Posted by Mark Williams on 2023 Aug 7th

    Just purchased this and used it in my first 10-22 build. Perfect fit with the parts I chose. Looks awesome. Very sturdy including the folding stock. Gun shoots great. Very satisfied.

  • 5
    La chassis 10/22 dlx for Volquartsen Summit

    Posted by Todd on 2023 Apr 15th

    It is as beautiful as my original Grey Birch made in Canada only better, the American model now has an integrated barricade stop in front of the mag well and the buttstock now locks in the folded position add to that a more robust stiffer 2 screw attachment point for the front end and you a recipe for excellence. Keep up the good work down there guys !

  • 5
    Worth the wait

    Posted by Jeff Dawson on 2022 Oct 29th

    I received my LACHASSIS-10/22-DLX which was one of the final pieces to my custom precision 10/22 build. It was worth the wait! The machining and tolerances are extremely tight which makes me happy as I am a bit of an OCD kind of person. I am completely satisfied with the chassis and it matches my KIDD receiver and match grade barrel, Volquartzen trigger and Vortex optics....plan to go shoot it this weekend and test out the set up. A did notice a few little things that made my OCD meter rise a bit. Whatever coating is used appears to have lighter areas than the rest of the chassis which kind of stand out in indoor lighting conditions but not so much in sunlight. I also noticed some brown particles that appear to be in the actual metal. I tried to clean them off but again, it appears to be in the metal or under the coating.....neither of these imperfections effects the functionality in anyway but given the chassis is more of a work of art than a piece of equipment, they stand out. Again, both are very minor and neither effect the functionality. Overall, I would highly recommend this chassis to discerning enthusiast or the elite competitive shooter and anyone inbetween.

  • 5
    Near Perfect

    Posted by Bruce Stephen on 2021 Aug 6th

    It's a sleek, sexy, futuristic, flexible, and light chassis. A real joy to shoot. If dreams came true: the supplied polymer handle feels like it's built for very small hands (mine's wrapped with vet tape, until an aftermarket one arrives), and I wish the cheek riser could go lower than it does...I've got tall rings, and if I wanted lower ones I'd be seeing black. Five stars, it fits like a glove, aside from the pistol grip. Optimistic that after a good cleaning, some adjustment, and finding the right boolets it will out-shoot my Hunter X22 build!

  • 5
    Foundation for a Volquartsen Summit

    Posted by Frank Hale on 2021 May 25th

    I am very discerning when it comes to stocks and chassis. I own Kidd and and Kinetic Research chassis and quality wood and polymer stocks for 10/22s. The Foundation is the first I have ever owned that I did not have to add pillars, shave material, or add shims for the perfect fit. The tolerances are precise and the machining is a work of art. It is so solid that it feels like one piece of aluminum was used from end to end. I am still surprised at how little it weighs, and the balance is really nice. The cheek riser and buttpad adjust smoothly and as I said before, there is no play, flex, or movement. The rear receiver adjustment is nice, but unnecessary because of the fit. The only “complaint” I have is that I cannot get the rear adjustment set screw to work. I am certainly not going to miss it though. I way sound overly effusive with my praise, but you will see that I am actually being conservative when you own one yourself.

  • 5

    Posted by Paul on 2021 May 10th

    The fit and finish of the foundation is superb, the only thing I would like to see is a screw included to mount a grip to the chassis.