LDR 12.5 Carbon

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The LDR is a purpose-built pistol with long distance in mind. The  LDR utilizes the LaChassis allowing for modularity and adjustability.

The LDR also utilizes the brand new Fusion Receiver System. Moving away from the traditional v block design, Grey Birch has developed a threaded receiver and barrel system with the goal of increasing the accuracy and consistency of accuracy in the semi auto platform. The LDR with an integrated 20 MOA rail will help users push the boundaries of the 22LR and its distance capabilities. The LDR is compatible with most factory Ruger 10/22 ™ parts.

LDR Rifle Features:

  • Ruger BX Trigger
  • La Chassis System
  • Includes GBMFG Precision Bolt
  • Buttstock adjustable as Fixed or Folding
  • Compatible with most 10/22 Accessories
  • Ships with (1) OEM Ruger 10/22 Magazine
  • Magwell Cutout for Easy Magazine Changes
  • Length of Pull and Cheek Height Adjustment
  • Forend’s are M-Lok and Arca-Swiss Compatible
  • Folding Stock allows for easy Packing and Storage

*The LDR is compatible with most 10/22® accessories. 

** Does not ship with stock or arm brace

PLEASE NOTE: Our chassis and receiver feature a clear hard anodized finish. These finishes are held to different aesthetic standards than parts finished in black anodizing or Cerakote. By buying this part, you understand that the color of this part may not exactly match what is visually shown on the website, and that the part may also differ in shade when matched with other parts of the same color/finish.