The Steel Fusion

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Some things just go together perfectly!

Peanut butter and jelly


Mario Kart® and trash talking


Plump guys and ‘all you can eat’ buffet’s


You can add our Fusion Receiver System to the list

So what is the Fusion?

Simply, it's the merging of the receiver and barrel into one single unit.

We went back to the drawing board and designed the Fusion with the goal to improve accuracy and consistency in the semi-auto rimfire platform.

We achieve this by threading the barrel directly into the receiver instead of the traditional barrel placement using a v-block or grub screw.


The result is no more wobbly barrel or the dreaded barrel droop.


Because let's be honest... nobody likes anything belonging to them drooping, whether it’s a body part or the barrel of your beloved .22.

At the end of the day all the technical jargon doesn’t matter… What matters is you can now have bolt-action like accuracy on every shot. That’s a big win for all lovers of rimfire!

The FUSION can fit with most after market stocks and chassis (examples: Magpul® , Hogue® , MDT® , Grey Birch *cough cough*)


Barrel Weight:


Barrel Material:

416 Steel

Barrel Length:


Calibre & Twist Rate:

.22LR BENTZ & 1:16

Receiver Weight:


Receiver Material:

6061 T6

Reciever Rail:

20 MOA

Receiver Finish:

Clear Hard Anodize

PLEASE NOTE: Our chassis and receiver feature a clear hard anodized finish. These finishes are held to different aesthetic standards than parts finished in black anodizing or Cerakote. By buying this part, you understand that the color of this part may not exactly match what is visually shown on the website, and that the part may also differ in shade when matched with other parts of the same color/finish.


The Fusion Receiver System is a proprietary receiver and barrel system to Grey Birch MFG and will come fully assembled from the factory.

The Fusion System is assembled with job specific tools to ensure proper fitment and to ensure the correct headspace.

Removing the barrel will likely result in damage to the components and will void warranty on your Fusion.

The Fusion Receiver System is compatible with most 10/22® accessories.

Some minimal modification to the stock may be required in some cases.

Grey Birch MFG Bolt not included.