GBMFG Camo T-Shirt

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Product Description

Put this tee on to disappear in the Urban Jungle!

Soft // You'll forget you're wearing it, it's that soft. Like dousing yourself in baby powder all day long.

Sturdy // So strong it's essentially an heirloom item to pass down to the next generation.

Sensual // Cut so well that it makes Jabba the Hutt look like Han Solo. Leia approved.



Features of the Camo tee:

  • 100% NOT 'Made in America'
  • Mediocre design done in Canva
  • Sizing not even close to 'True to Size'
  • Best part... no tags so nothing to rip out
  • Comes in M, L, XL... & even XXL for those pleasantly plump fellas


It's an O.G move to rock the Grey Birch 'G'.